Marketing Specialist

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Marketing Specialist will be focus on the management, execution, and continuous improvement of strategic marketing initiatives in the designated market of each 7-Eleven store through local face-to-face marketing, promotions, and community involvement programs. Marketing Specialist will execute marketing programs at the store level and work with others departments in order to drive traffic, sales, and brand awareness in each local area. Marketing Specialist is also responsible for creating and maintaining each store‘s internet presence, coordinate distribution of print materials for marketing programs as dictated by location objectives, frequently visiting stores in all designated markets to ensure message consistency and insure all marketing standards are in place. Will distribute and maintain all in-store marketing materials for promotions and coordinate training to communicate marketing procedures for specific events and promotions.

• Work closely with the advertising media and supplier to make sure they produce and handover POSM/Advertising materials on time with the right quality
• Attend meetings with the production or manufacturing department and understand the details of the products and discuss marketing strategies for those products with the relevant department.
• Help marketing team in organizing events and exhibitions for the promotion of products and capture potential markets
• Create media releases and press releases and assist product presentations
• Manage marketing materials such as leaflets, posters, and advertisements at stores, etc
• Plan advertising budget and negotiate with the ad agencies and leasing additional services from them
• Prepare monthly expenditure report for advertisements, promotion events and all types of expenses involved in product marketing
• Monitor the impact of marketing strategies adapted on the sales of the product and make necessary amendments


• Education background in Marketing, Business Administration or Communications
• Ability to carry out detailed market analysis
• Proficient communication skills and ability to negotiate with other departments and advertising agencies
• Must be aware of the market trends, competitors in the market and future threats
• Knowledge and experience in marketing strategies, branding, advertising and media
• Self-motivated, ability to work under pressure and should believe in team work and collective efforts
• Good presentation skills and sound mathematical and statistical skills
• Having working experience in retail industry is an advantage

• Having a sense of humor

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