Area Manager

Salary: Negotiable

Location: CÁC CỬA HÀNG CỦA 7-ELEVEN VIỆT NAM, 7-Eleven VN Head Office

Team: Operations

Application deadline: 01/05 — 31/05/2024

Job Description

  • Main responsibilities:
- Monitor daily operations in assigned areas to ensure that they are run in accordance with company KPIs/SOP guidelines.
- Implement and manage strategies and plans received from the Operations Director.
- Travel to assigned areas to monitor actual situations.
- Manage operational risks, directly resolve incidents flexibly and quickly, and propose necessary measures to improve operational results in assigned areas.
- Evaluate and identify improvement opportunities to optimize operational processes and technologies to ensure fast and competitive operations.
  • Internal tasks:
- Represent and participate in internal meetings/relevant meetings of the management board regarding the operations department‘s work.
- Check the store‘s activities and the quality of implementing plans on-site by the operations advisory team.
- Provide notifications/exchange information on behalf of the operations department on relevant issues as directed by the Operations Director.
- Organize crisis management and plan crisis prevention.
- Collaborate with SSC departments to process/unify store support work.
- Manage the Jira system‘s development to ensure clear information and coordinate with other departments to address store issues.
- Manage Airtable, including store/staff information.
  • External tasks:
- Represent and maintain relationships with the company‘s partners and management units in the area where stores are located.
- Organize the processing of incidents related to partners that affect operations.
- Collaborate with external partners in programs, social activities.
  • Job responsibilities:
- Ensure the achievement of KPIs and follow the direction from the management board.
- Be responsible for revenue and operational quality at the store level.
- Understand all relevant store tasks, actual situations, and have appropriate plans to report to the Operations Manager.
- Proactively propose suggestions to the Operations Manager for lean and stable operations.
- Organize centralized management, streamlining, ensuring stable development, and proactive and disciplined performance of the store block.
- Support and advise team leaders in building and executing plans according to the direction and assignment from the Operations Director.
- Modify and deploy processes and guidelines to ensure consistent operations.
- Ensure information exchange between departments.
  • Requirements:
- Bachelor‘s degree in relevant fields.
- At least 4 years of related experience.
- Proficient in operations, good at management and problem-solving skills, able to plan and implement training programs.
- Good communication and writing skills (report writing and analysis).
- Ability to build relationships.
- Change management skills.
- Training skills.
- Influencing skills.
- Risk management skills.
- Creative and innovative.
- Sensitive, persistent, and perseverant.
- Proactive in work, with high sense of responsibility.
- Good organizational skills, able to oversee work and manage time well.
- Able to work independently, with high speed and intensity, under significant pressure.

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